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My Guarantee and Promise

"With all the orders that have been sent all across Australia and the World, not one order have I had to use my guarantee and this promise" 

I am so confident on the quality I deliver that if you are not satisfied with the quality, Il return your money in full.

We want you to be confident when you deal with us from handing over payment to the end result, in receiving your purchase. We have it all covered!

I will personally absorb the risk on your behalf, because nothing more frustrating in parting with your hard earnt money and purchasing a product, to receive and it simply doesn't fit the bill. This guarantee eliminates the doubt in your mind on our products, making the purchase easy, stress free and confident!

If you receive an order and you are not satisfied with the level of printed quality or image quality, I will refund you 100% of the purchase value.


Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions are in place to protect all parties!

1. Please note if you change your mind or establish that your purchase may be the incorrect look for your room or space, we will not honor this policy.
2. Any damages by postal services, postal carrier or third party delivery services, our postage and delivery policy covers these events if you have paid the small delivery insurance fee.
3. If you do not provide the item in question to us, this policy will not be honored. We Must take possession of the item in question to inspect such. We cannot carry out a desktop assessment with photos or via video. Item must be physically received by us at your cost primarily. Upon investigation if this policy is effected, we will reimburse delivery fee.
4. If there is any damages to the item in question, this policy will be voided.


 Yours In Confidence