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Shaun Jones collection of stunning and breathtaking images offers a variety of looks for any space. Your interior design sets the tone and mood for all those who enter. Create a completely tranquil atmosphere or stimulate any space with profound vibrancy. Make a statement with a variety of options from Shaun Jones  portfolio. All our photographs look great in any room, any position and or office or commercial space.

Busselton Jetty Busselton
Stormy Winter Busselton Jetty
This photo captures a real sense of stormy drama and reflections of the early morning lights. Stormy Winter Busselton is one of our most popular purchases and according to customers is commonly put in areas with statements.
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Stormy Canal Rocks Yallingup

Stormy Canal Rocks Yallingup
This photo captures colour of the rolling storm at Yallingup one very cold winter morning. Stormy Canal Rocks according to customers is commonly put in areas with statements such as hallways, loungerooms and dining rooms.
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Karri Valley Resort

Firey Sunset of Karri Valley
This photo captures colour of the Karri Forest at Karri Valley Pemberton on one early evening in Spring. According to customers Firey Sunset is commonly put in areas promoting family feel and family living such as TV rooms, bedrooms, master suites, activity rooms, dining rooms and family living areas. 
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Kwinana Jetty

Vanishing Jetty
Vanishing Jetty is a rare photo now since the ruins of this jetty has been removed which is a shame since it made a perfect historic picture. Kwinana Jetty is a popular photo which is seen in family living rooms, hallways, entrances, bedrooms and formal dining rooms. It boasts colour and vibrance.
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In Home Service - If you would like to see any of Shauns photos on your wall or space, please send us a photo of the space it needs to hang, front on view and one of our team members will send you an impression of your selection on your chosen wall. Only front on photos accepted. Send your enquiry to