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Care & Handling

We are dedicated to providing as much information as possible to ensure your investment looks as good as it did when it arrived to you and in years to come. We have some useful information below to help you along this journey!

Cleaning your mounted fine art photograph
Extreme caution should be used whenever it is necessary to clean the surface of your Fine Art photograph. As per our professional printers instructions, dust the picture glazing (glass) with a soft, damp cloth or chamois. Apply only light pressure, rinse with clean water, and dry by blotting the cloth. Dry or gritty cloths may cause surface scratches and create a static electric charge on the surface. 

Do not use window cleaning sprays, kitchen scouring compounds, or solvents such as acetone, gasoline, or lacquer thinner to clean your image, as this may cause permanent damage to your image.

Cleaning the frame
Our wood frames have a protective wax finish that, when handled properly, should not require care other than periodic dusting. A soft, dry cloth may be used to remove spots or debris. Avoid the use of liquid and chemical cleaning products, as these will cause the protective finish to deteriorate over time. A high-quality microfiber cloth may be used on our black cube and stainless steel frames. Apply only light pressure, rinse with clean water, and dry by blotting the cloth. 

We recommend using compressed or canned air to remove any surface dust that accumulates on the liner over time, making sure that no moisture is expelled from the can during the cleaning process.

Lighting your image properly involves using a mixture of spotlights and spreads. The proper degree of spread will depend on the distance of the light fixture from the photograph. While several light bulbs can sufficiently light your image, we suggest discussing this with Beacon Lighting. It is best to seek the advice of an electrician or lighting professional to ensure the proper balance of light and presentation of your art.

Our Fine Art is developed using the most advanced technology and the finest materials. While measures have been taken to provide UV protection, it is recommended to avoid displaying your photograph in direct sunlight, high humidity, or high temperatures.

Temperatures in excess of 75°F, direct sunlight, or humidity above approximately 60% could cause damage to your image, including but not limited to fading in the photograph or the formation of bubbles on the mounted image.

Cleaning Canvas Prints
Clean your canvas photo prints often with a damp cloth and clean water only. A cloth that is lint-free or a quality microfibre cloth with no raised materials. Do not use tissue paper or absorbent paper. Be gentle and avoid circular motions. A gentle wipe is safest. Do not use any chemicals or liquids to clean any debris, grease or marks as it will damage the photo. Please use caution at all times.

Hanging Prints
We suggest before hanging occurs, you consult with a specialist in framing which will be able to advise on the best product for the application or material hanging to. Due to materials like brick walls, stone, cladding, metal, fibrous metals, glass, timber and other materials, each material requires a specialty anchor fitting versus the weight your hanging. Please consult with your local framer or we can provide assistance.

Whats the best height to hang a frame
The golden rule of hanging any print or framing object is to have the centre of the photograph at 57" inches. This reflects the average persons eye level.