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Australian Landscape Photographers

Shaun Jones

Posted on November 14 2020

Australian Landscape Photographers

Its no surprise Shaun Jones is gaining momentum as one of Australia's leading Australian Landscape Photographers. His work is stunning, captivating and honest. You would be surprised on the efforts some go to, to deliver that special scene using Graphic Design software, taking a photo to unbelievable expectations. In Shauns opinion and strong view, this is nothing more than Graphic Design. If your paying premiums for photographs, with Shaun, you pay for honest work. Nothing more than what Shaun sees through his camera is what you receive.

A lot of others will remove skies, backgrounds and items in photos and replace for more pleasing objects such as different more vivid vibrant skies. Shaun visits locations until he captures the perfect scene. Some locations he has visited for years to capture where perfect lighting and conditions have failed to deliver Shauns vision. He doesn't Fabricate his work, its 100% true and real.

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