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We understand that as a first time buyer you have questions before purchasing anything new. If you have a question not covered below, please give us a call at 0439 421 313 or email  info@shaunjones.com.au with your query.

 1.         Do you print photos using professional printers or stationery suppliers?

We always use gallery professional quality materials made from photographic paper, aluminium, canvas and acrylic materials. Plus the paper we use has varnish protection. The canvas is also UV protected to withstand sun rays from windows and lacquered to protect your photo from dust and other climatic conditions. In short, your image will look as good as new - always.

 2. Are all photographs original and by Shaun Jones?

All the photographs we sell is 100% the original work of Shaun Jones. No graphically designed, heavily photoshopped print involving third party photographs with false or misleading artwork are sold here. You get exactly what Shaun has captured through his lens (link to about page).

 3. Can photos printed on stretch canvas be hung outdoors?

Yes, photos printed on stretched canvas sold by us can be erected on a wall outside as long as it's 100% protected from elements like rain, dust, water, sun, UV rays and heat including both natural and artificial. Ensure you dust your print once a week or more depending on external conditions. However, there is no warranty on photos hung outside regardless of protection.

4. How do I clean my canvas photo print?

Clean your canvas photo print often with a damp cloth only. A cloth that is lint-free or a quality microfibre cloth. Do not use tissue paper or absorbent paper. Be gentle and avoid circular motions. A gentle wipe is safest. Do not use any chemicals or liquids to clean any debris, grease or marks as it will damage the photos.

All images printed and sold are backed by our promise of quality - you get high quality prints at affordable prices.



Have a specific inquiry about a photo or want to speak with Shaun regarding a photography project or consulting work? Shoot us an email on info@shaunjones.com.au, call 0439 421 313 or use the contact form below.

If you’d like to order a special photo that’s currently not part of the gallery, please use the contact details above to get in touch with Shaun regarding your requirements.


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